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Maharishi Light Technology with Gems

Founded by
Mahesh Yogi



East Coast, USA

It is a complete joy to offer this precious technology and witness the transformation it brings to body, mind and spirit. The orderly structure of the gems and the light passing through them enlivens natural self-healing from within, and helps to restore integrity, harmony, and balance.  It is a beautiful technology, so subtle and profound.”

— Katherine Doak

Katherine Doak offers two types of MLG sessions: one with the standard single-gem beamers and the other with big beamers containing 12 gemstones per light. She can travel to different locations as tours are arranged for her.

About Katherine Doak
Katherine has been a certified teacher of the Transcendental Meditation technique since 1972. She received her MSCI in 1977 and DSCI in 1982 from Maharishi European Research University. She is also a Maharishi Aroma Therapy consultant and a certified Maharishi YogaSM Asana instructor.

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