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Maharishi Light Technology with Gems

Founded by
Mahesh Yogi

Maharishi Light Technology with Gems Promotes Balance

Iowa Source magazine
May, 2010
by Linda Egenes

In gem technology at the Raj in Fairfield, Iowa, light is beamed through gems to help restore balance and create wholeness in the body.

Last spring a friend told me about a new approach called Maharishi Light Technology with Gems (MLG). “It feels like you’re bathing in light,” she said. Exhausted from travel and late nights caretaking my aging parents, I thought a light bath sounded like the perfect way to get back on track.

Later that week I found myself at the Raj Maharishi AyurVeda Health Spa in Fairfield, Iowa, where a practitioner showed me thirteen light beamers. She explained that each beamer shines soft light through a different gem, and she’d use them to conduct an initial evaluation.

I closed my eyes as she tested my reactions. After a while, I felt so settled that I could barely speak. I surfaced briefly when she said softly, “Now we will begin the session.”

She arranged the instruments in holders above me, so that many gems were shining on my body... A warm light spread throughout my body in waves. The light was not coming from the outside but from within me. When the sessionwas over, I didn’t move for 40 minutes, sunk in a blissful state. I felt sparkly and bright inside, like a diamond.

Yet it was the long-lasting results that were even more striking. It was as if the light had washed away the toxins and tiredness. Nine months later I still have more energy than before. How did this work, exactly?

Ancient and Modern Combined

Rubies. Sapphires. Emeralds. The oldest and most refined members of the mineral kingdom, gems have long been used for their nourishing qualities. Thousands of years ago the Ayurvedic scholar Charaka taught that gems can be used for promoting balance, wealth, happiness, charisma, and the fulfillment of desires. In fact, Ayurvedic texts describe mantras, gems, and herbs as the three fundamental means to support the development of higher states of consciousness and optimal physiological functioning.

To give a little background, the equipment used in MLG sessions has been developed over a period of 30 years by Joachim Roller, a German gemologist, under the direct guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who founded the Transcendental Meditation technique. In 2007, Maharishi structured the basic procedures for this gem-light technology. The following year, Joachim and his wife, Iris, held their first training course at Maharishi European Research University in Holland. Trained practitioners offer MLG exclusively at the Raj in Fairfield and in TM facilities around the world.

Maharishi also guided Joachim in the creation of larger, more powerful instruments, affectionately called “Big Beamers.” The thirteen Big Beamers contain twelve gems each, with a total of 145 gems to magnify the effect. The Raj is one of only two facilities in the world that offer sessions with both Big Beamers and regular beamers.

Since I didn’t have the Big Beamers, I asked Keith Wegman, a practitioner of MLG at the Raj, to explain the difference.

“The Big Beamers have a unique ability to transform any rigidity or obstruction to the flow of energy in the physiology,” he said. “The transformation is more significant than with the regular beamers because the body is being submerged in profound coherence. All the frequencies in the body adjust to that.”

Mr. Wegman added, “The more powerful orderliness of the large beamers can restore balance in previously weak or compromised areas of functioning.”

Assisting the Body’s Restorative Abilities

According to Mr. Wegman, MLG sessions act as a catalyst for self-balancing mechanisms inherent within everyone, transforming dis-order to a more natural state of order, strength, and integrity. “The light emanating from thirteen flawless gems resonates with subtle frequencies of the body, greatly assisting the body’s ability to balance itself,” he said.

Adile Esen from Turkey said, “The nourishing and balanced feeling, coupled with calmness and clarity that I experienced increasingly during and after my sessions, has continued. In addition to becoming more aware, open, and clear, I realize that even in very difficult situations that could have made me doubt and tremble, I have remained calm like the pearl at the bottom of the ocean.”

A six-month research study at The Raj is being conducted to quantify the long-term effects of the technology.

Did I miss out, not having the Big Beamers? In any case, I’m curious. I’ll have to try them. Like many people who now schedule regular sessions of Maharishi Light Technology with Gems, I’m reaching for the light.

For more information about Maharishi Light Technology with Gems, call (641) 472-9580, extension 6.

Reprinted with permission from Iowa Source magazine