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Maharishi Light Technology with Gems

Founded by
Mahesh Yogi

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Eva Bergmann, an MLG practitioner describes the mechanics of this soothing technology.

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After several sessions, I have enjoyed a peaceful mind and body, deep silence, and a new perception of nature. Maharishi Light Technology with Gems is truly a unique program.” *

— Kara Kuzel, Ann Arbor

* Individual results may vary.

Light is essential to life. We depend on light from the sun, which nourishes the plants we eat through the process of photosynthesis. People often notice that they feel lighter and happier when the sun is shining. Researchers say that our cells radiate more light when they are healthy. Many ancient cultures recognized the nourishing properties of the sun and prescribed natural sunlight to maintain optimal health and to treat various ailments.

The Theory of How MLG transforms Mind and Body

The theory behind the effects of MLG are based on the view that it works at a profound level of the mind-body interface. That is why information carried by the light shining through the orderly structure of gemstones would have such a wide range of benefits. Many people enjoy more inner stability, heightened mood, and an improved sense of well-being after their sessions.

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