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Maharishi Light Technology with Gems

Founded by
Mahesh Yogi


Northern California

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Quantum physicist John Hagelin, PhD, explains the science behind Maharishi Light Technology with Gems.

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With Maharishi Light Technology with Gems I experience my cells and organs becoming more and more permeated with light. This light becomes so pervasive that it feels as if I am radiating that light into my environment. Also, I notice a real refinement of my perception.” *

— Michael Zapata,
Tempe, Arizona

* Individual results may vary.

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You can sign up for a Maharishi Light Technology with Gems session by contacting an MLG Practitioner directly by phone or email.

MLG fees are $160 for a single session, or $450 for three sessions. In some locations, personal in-home sessions are available for an additional fee. Each session lasts 60–90 minutes.

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  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Northern and Central California
  • Laguna Beach and Los Angeles
  • Alaska, Florida, Louisiana, Nevada, Tennessee
  • Other locations upon request

Make an appointment Call 415-715-4125

Marjie’s Tour Schedule
Location Date
San Francisco, CA
— Near SFSU
Ongoing by appointment
Berkeley, CA Ongoing by appointment
Marin County, CA
— Office in San Rafael
Ongoing by appointment
Silicon Valley, CA Ongoing by appointment
Santa Cruz, CA Once/month by request


Give a unique gift of balance and rejuvenation.
Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. to pre-purchase your gift certificate, which can be sent to you in time for any holiday or birthday. It can be redeemed in the locations above.


If you live in the SF Bay Area and you are interested in a membership for Maharishi Light Technology with Gems sessions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A discounted rate will be applied, in exchange for your regular participation.

Katherine Doak


  • New York

Make an appointment Call 828-406-0621

Katherine’s Tour Schedule
Location Date
By appointment 828-406-0621

Ayala Melzer


  • New York City, Long Island, Summit NJ,
  • Atlanta, Minneapolis, Kansas City,
  • Michigan, Colorado, Kentucky
  • Cincinatti, Illinois, Seattle, Midwest,
  • North Carolina
  • Other locations upon request.

Make an appointment Call 641-451-1210

Ayala’s Tour Schedule
Atlanta, GA--TM Center October 14th - 18th
New York City--TM Center Grand Central October 19th - 26th
Fairfield, Iowa by appointment

Reduced fees apply to:

  • Fairfield Community
  • Fairfield Visitors
  • Full-time: MUM Faculty, Staff, and Students; IAA; TM teachers

Anne Shook


Des Moines, Iowa
Omaha, Nebraska
and touring U.S.

Make an appointment Call 641-919-1330

Anne’s Tour Schedule
Location Date
Iowa and Nebraska Available by appointment

Bill Verkamp


Southern California

Make an appointment Call 714-357-2684

Bill’s Tour Schedule
Location Date
Southern California Available anytime for appt
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