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Maharishi Light Technology with Gems

Founded by
Mahesh Yogi


Northern California

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Quantum physicist John Hagelin, PhD, explains the science behind Maharishi Light Technology with Gems.

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With Maharishi Light Technology with Gems I experience my cells and organs becoming more and more permeated with light. This light becomes so pervasive that it feels as if I am radiating that light into my environment. Also, I notice a real refinement of my perception.” *

— Michael Zapata,
Tempe, Arizona

* Individual results may vary.

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You can sign up for a Maharishi Light Technology with Gems session by contacting an MLG Practitioner directly by phone or email.

MLG fees are $160 for a single session, or $450 for three sessions. In some locations, personal in-home sessions are available for an additional fee. Each session lasts 60–90 minutes.

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  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Northern and Central California
  • Laguna Beach and Los Angeles
  • Alaska, Florida, Louisiana, Nevada, Tennessee
  • Other locations upon request

Make an appointment Call 415-715-4125

Marjie’s Tour Schedule


Location Date
Los Angeles June 5, 6, 7
Laguna Beach, CA June 8, 9
San Francisco, CA
— Near SFSU
Available now
Berkeley, CA Ongoing by appointment

Marin County, CA
Ongoing by appointment
Silicon Valley, CA Ongoing by appointment
Santa Cruz, CA By request


Give a unique gift of balance and rejuvenation.
Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. to pre-purchase your gift certificate, which can be sent to you in time for any holiday or birthday.
It can be redeemed in the locations above.


Katherine Doak


  • New York

Make an appointment Call 828-406-0621

Katherine’s Tour Schedule
Location Date
By appointment 828-406-0621

Ayala Melzer


  • New York City, Long Island, Summit NJ,
  • Atlanta, Minneapolis, Kansas City,
  • Michigan, Colorado, Kentucky
  • Cincinatti, Illinois, Seattle, Midwest,
  • North Carolina
  • Other locations upon request.

Make an appointment Call 641-451-1210

Ayala’s Tour Schedule
New York City--TM Center Grand Central March 14th-23rd 2023
Canton & Clevland Ohio--TM Program May 5th-7th
Fairfield County Connecticut--TM Program May 10th-14th
Westchester NY (invited to Connecticut) May 10th-14th
Fairfield, Iowa by appointment

Reduced fees apply to:

  • Fairfield Community
  • Fairfield Visitors
  • Full-time: MUM Faculty, Staff, and Students; IAA; TM teachers

Anne Shook


Des Moines, Iowa
Omaha, Nebraska
and touring U.S.

Make an appointment Call 641-919-1330

Anne’s Tour Schedule
Location Date
Iowa and Nebraska Available by appointment

Bill Verkamp


Southern California

Make an appointment Call 714-357-2684

Bill’s Tour Schedule
Location Date
Southern California Available anytime for appt
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