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Maharishi Light Technology with Gems

Founded by
Mahesh Yogi

Maharishi Light Technology with Gems

Psykologi magazine, Denmark
June 18, 2012
by Jannie Sundgaard Kristensen

Gem light technology produces both physical and psychological benefits! I am somewhat skeptical when I meet up with Eva Bergmann to receive my first Maharishi Light Technology with Gems session. Developed by Joachim Roller under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s direct guidance, this approach works at a deep level of mind, body, and consciousness. Maharishi Light Technology with Gems combines an ancient Vedic knowledge of gemstones with modern technology. Before the first session, Eva tests which of the gemstones are suitable for me.

At the start of the session, when Eva asks me to lie down on the table underneath the 13 gem light beamers, I am not feeling peaceful. But after half an hour, when I open my eyes again, I feel a nice, relaxed feeling in the body.

When I tell Eva, she just smiles and says that this is completely normal—it’s the gems that have helped. I leave with my brain running at full speed, for how can this be true?

Beautiful Experience

The next day I am going to have my second session and I still am not without skepticism. And I have the most marvelous and beautiful experience! First, I feel a sensation in my stomach and head, not uncomfortable, more like a light pressure. Then pictures suddenly pop up on my retina. It’s summer, and I find myself in a meadow with my family. Here it is safe and beautiful. I wander along a river with my dad (who died 15 years ago), and he tells me repeatedly how proud he is of me and how much I mean to him. I feel a relief, a warmth, and a love that I never felt before. A feeling of being set free. The images slowly disappear and are gone when Eva returns. I tell her about my experience and cry — not of sorrow, but of joy and redemption.

Deep Inner Peace

At the third and last session some weeks later, there is no skepticism, but also not an expectation to experience something similar. I experience a deep calm and silence in the body, which I have never felt before. My body feels light as a feather, and at the same time, it feels heavy as a concrete block. Afterwards I feel relaxed, strong and completely in balance, and with great confidence in myself as a person.