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Maharishi Light Technology with Gems

Founded by
Mahesh Yogi

New technology uses precious stones

Radish magazine
May, 2010
by Linda Egenes

The Balancing Power of Gems

Rubies. Sapphires. Emeralds. The oldest and most refined members of the mineral kingdom, gems have long been used for their balancing and nourishing qualities. Thousands of years ago the Ayurvedic scholar Charaka taught that gems can be used for promoting physiological balance, wealth, happiness, charisma, and the fulfillment of desires. In fact, Ayurvedic texts describe mantras, gems, and herbs as the three fundamental means to support the development of higher states of consciousness and overall human development.

Today the balancing power of gems is available in an affordable new procedure called Maharishi Light Technology with Gems (MLG), offered at The Raj Maharishi AyurVeda Spa in Fairfield, Iowa, and in Transcendental Meditation facilities throughout the U.S. and around the world. In this program, the profound orderliness of thirteen gemstones, each with their own unique crystalline structures, is made available to the mind and body. This occurs by using special “light beamers” which project soft light through the gems.

Keith Wegman, an MLG Practitioner at The Raj, explains, “The light frequencies act as a carrier for the orderly structure of the gems. They resonate with subtle frequencies of our physiology and trigger profound self-balancing effects.”

Combining the Ancient with Modern Technology

The equipment used in MLG sessions has been developed over a period of 30 years by Joachim Roller, a German gemologist, under the direct guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who founded the Transcendental Meditation technique and Maharishi AyurVeda. In 2007, Maharishi structured the basic procedures for this technology. The following year, Joachim and his wife, Iris, held their first training course at Maharishi European Research University in Holland.

“Gems are crystalline structures that are as old as our planet,” Mr. Wegman explains. “Their inherent intelligence and orderliness resonate with the inherent intelligence and orderliness in our physiology.”

As the late astronomer Carl Sagan said, “We are the stuff of stars.” By this he meant that our earth was formed of basic elements such as carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen—elements originally synthesized in the nuclear furnaces deep in the interior of stars—which were released when the stars exploded. These basic elements not only formed our planet earth and its minerals and gems—but the herbs and human life on our planet as well.

Besides basic elements such as carbon, nitrogen and oxygen, gems contain trace elements or minerals that support the biological processes that are essential for human life. For example, iron is necessary for the blood and magnesium for the muscles. Other trace elements play a key role in the functioning of hormones and enzymes. The human body cannot produce these trace elements, and thus needs to obtain them from outside sources such as food and mineral supplements.

Trace elements produce the color and the quality of the different gems, which means the frequency of the gemstone. For instance, the golden sapphire, like other sapphires, is made of aluminum oxide, but it’s the presence of iron that creates its distinct yellow color and corresponding frequency of light.

“Without trace elements, all gems would be colorless,” explains Mr. Wegman.

Mr. Wegman further explains, “MLG enlivens the inner intelligence of the body through the orderliness of the gems and the trace elements within them. The different frequencies of the gemstones also help to restore order to the mind, body and emotions. It’s another fascinating reminder of the balancing and nourishing power of gems.”

Originally published in Radish. Reprinted with permission.